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1. software application which automates the process of managing a company's financial operations, helping companies to manage their financial activities, such as cash flow, assets, and investments, automatically. Commonly used to maintain financial security and minimize reputational risk.

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Our endpoints are your competitive advantage

    Account Balances and Transactions
  • Enable auto-reconciliation
  • Display account ledger
  • Auto-post interest
  • Present bank balance for AP, funds transfers, etc.
    Cleared Check Images
  • Link to invoice for research purposes
    Stop Payment
  • Initiate a stop payment on a vendor check
    Bank Returns
  • Present bank returns and ACH Notice of Change notifications in the app
    Bank Statements
  • Present bank statements at the first of the month
  • Automatically incorporate bank statements into the financial reporting packages (also keeps them on file, as banks tend to make it hard to get prior statements)
    Funds Transfers
  • Intrabank and interbank funds transfers
  • Implement a move payment feature to move a misapplied payment to the correct bank account
    Synchronize Validation Information & Payments
  • Sync property, homeowner, and bank account information
  • Automatically import lockbox payments

Trusted add on features

Payment solutions available, when you need them

TresRE Lockbox App on an iPhone

Payment Platform

A website and app allow additonal payment options for users to make e-check credit card payments online.

TresRE platform on computer
Payments Platform

Proven. Trusted. Easy.

Until a feature is integrated into your software, you can provide access via TresRE’s platform.

    Platform Benefits
  • See All Account Balances and Transactions
  • Make and Schedule Transfers
  • View AP and AR Images
  • Stop Payments
  • View Statements
  • View and Research Resident Payments